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30+ Social Media Management Tools For Small Businesses

Social Media Management Tools

For a small business who cannot afford to hire a dedicated resource for social media management, social media marketing can be cumbersome. Whoever is managing the social media profiles needs to deal with multiple logins and if you are using your own personal accounts to manage pages, it can get downright messy. Because you will need to monitor not just all the pages but also all the personal accounts too.

But worry not, because there are loads of social media management tools for businesses out there to lighten the burden of social media management on top of everything else that involves setting up a business for success.

However, don’t get caught up in all those automation tools that are floating around, remember that growing a social media presence can be done without them but also realize when certain ones can save time or resources spent on keeping the profiles up and updated.

Here are a few social media tools that I recommend:

  1. Buffer

Buffer is an intuitive social media management solution. It allows you to manage all your social media accounts in one place with the ability to schedule posts, customized analytical reports, multiple access levels and more.

Buffer offers starter plans (Free and pro) and business plans (small, medium and large).

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the leading social media management tool that allows complete control across various social media platforms. Hootsuite makes scheduling, managing and reporting social media content easier through impactful features.

Hootsuite offers free, professional, team, business and enterprise plans.

  1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a known social media management software for businesses. It helps brands network with their potential audience across social channels, collaborate across different teams and effectively measure the performance of social media campaigns.

Sprout Social offers premium, corporate and enterprise plans starting at $99 per user/month.

  1. Social Champ

Social Champ is one of a kind social media management tool. The innovative solution not just allows bulk scheduling and posting of content but it also allows you to recycle and reuse your evergreen content through multiple collections.

Social Champ offers plans ranging from $10/month (professional) to $199/month (agency champion).

  1. TweetDeck

If Twitter is a big part of your social media strategy, TweetDeck is the perfect social media management solution for you. Launched in 2008, TweetDeck is the most powerful tool to analyze, manage, schedule and follow conversations on Twitter. The multi-columned layout makes it a breeze to manage multiple Twitter accounts or hashtags – right from one window.

TweetDeck is Free.

  1. Hubspot

Hubspot is a full-stack marketing solution provider. Hubspot’s Marketing Dashboard offer social inbox that allows you to create social media posts, interact with the target audience and compare the performance of different social media platforms, channels, campaigns, and content.

Hubspot offers customized marketing plans for businesses.

  1. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is an innovative social media management tools that let you keep your profiles active 24/7 by letting you schedule your social media posts across different channels. It is simple-to-use, intuitive and streamlines social media presence without fuss.

Meet Edgar starts at $49/month with an addition of up to 25 social media accounts.

  1. IFTTT

IFTTT (short for ‘if this then that’) is a unique and spontaneous social media management solution. It allows you to create customized ‘triggers’ to connect and post across multiple social media platforms. The IFTTT automation triggers, when used right, can help save a lot of time.

The best part? IFTTT is FREE!

  1. Raven

Raven is home to a diverse range of search engine marketing tools and reports. Raven Marketing Platform enables custom and comprehensive social media reports – all in one dashboard – with weekly, monthly and quarterly schedules as needed.

Raven offers Start ($99/month), Grow ($169/month), Thrive ($249/month) and Lead ($399/month) packages.

  1. IconoSquare

IconoSquare is the ideal management and automation tool for Instagram and Facebook marketing. It allows seamless scheduling of posts (feed and stories), tracking and moderation of user comments, direct publishing, tagging and more.

Iconosquare featured pro, advanced and agency packages.

  1. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a unified customer experience management solution. It offers social media marketing, advertising, content management and marketing intelligence across platforms. Sprinklr Social Cloud empowers brands to take control of their social media presence, optimize social listening and deliver effective analytical reports.

  1. KnowEm

KnowEm is a sort of search portal for social media usernames. It tracks and monitors a variety of social media networks to determine which platforms are gaining or losing momentum to help businesses choose their social media presence wisely.

KnowEm offers customized solutions for brand protection and optimized social media presence.

  1. Social Oomph

Formerly known as TweetLater – a Twitter Focused Solution, Social Oomph is a Canadian social media company that offers productivity enhancement solutions. It allows you to easily schedule your social media posts, monitor conversations and gauge the effectiveness of content in real-time.

SocialOomph offers free and paid/professional packages.

  1. Social Pilot

SocialPilot is simple and cost-effective social media automation tool for marketers and agencies. SocialPilot makes management easier with a range of innovative features including a personalized social media calendar, bulk scheduling options, business analytics and a lot of other interesting options.

SocialPilot offers individual ($8.33/month), professional ($20/month), small team ($33.33/month), and agency ($66.66/month) packages.

  1. Zoho Social

Zoho offers 360-degree marketing solutions from search engine marketing to email collaboration, finance, and human resource management. The Zoho social media management tools for business are designed to help marketers experience sustainable growth and engagement through optimized content scheduling, keyword monitoring, and analytics.

Zoho social comes in different packages including standard, professional, agency, and agency plus.

  1. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse simplifies social media through cost-effective management tools for individuals and agencies. It lets you harness the power of content and engagement to build communities across social media accounts.

Agora Pulse offers small ($39/month), medium ($79/month), large ($159/month) and enterprise ($239/month) packages.

  1. FlypChart

FlypChart is a comprehensive social media automation solution with content workflows, specialized marketing calendars, and holistic reports. It allows you to plan, schedule and post all of your marketing content – right from a single dashboard.

FlypChart plans come in flexible starter ($30/month), growth ($60/month) and premium ($120/month) packages.

  1. Quuu

Quuu helps businesses grow and manage their social media profiles through customizable content calendars, hand-curated content suggestions, discover options, and evergreen content.

Quuu plans include pro, small business, and medium business.

  1. Dlvr.It

Dlvr.It is simple, intuitive and accessible. This innovative social media automation suite brings all the features, such as bulk scheduler, content recycling, auto-hashtags and RSS to social media – in a single all-inclusive package.

Dlvr.It is quite easy on the pocket too, it comes in basic (FREE), pro ($8.29/month) and plus ($24.88/month) packages.

  1. EveryPost

EveryPost empowers you with quick and easy content curation and automation tools. You can customize, schedule and publish visual content with ease with EveryPost tools. It seamlessly integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to distribute content across the platform.

EveryPost offers multiple pricing options from personal (Free) to plus ($29.99/month) and team ($99.99/month) bundles.

  1. Tailwind

Tailwind is a specialized automation solution for Pinterest and Instagram. If your content strategy relies heavily on visual content, Tailwind provides an end-to-end solution for fetching interest on Instagram or Pinterest. It allows convenient content scheduling, monitoring, and distribution with complete analytic reports.

Tailwind offers an exclusive package for bloggers at $9.99/month, plus, customized pricing options for agencies and enterprise customers.

  1. Oktopost

Oktopost is a customized automation solution designed for B2B Enterprise customers. It claims to increase business ROI with a unique three-tier solution – social media management, social media advocacy, and social media promotion – to improve the way you interact with your community online.

Oktapost is available on both desktop and mobile.

  1. Tweepi

Tweepi is an AI (artificial intelligence) powered solution for Twitter users. The robust tool improves communication and allows you to connect with the audience in real time, find and follow relevant accounts, be more productive online and save time/resources.

Tweepi plans include silver ($10.75 per month) and platinum ($20.75 to $24.99 per month) packages.

  1. Social Flow

SocialFlow is a software company that specializes in marketing solutions. The unique thing about SocialFlow’s social media automation tools is the real-time algorithm that allows them to analyze user behavior and optimize each post based on that data.

SocialFlow offers customized pricing options.

  1. Sendible

Sendible is a social media management tool that helps businesses boost their presence and productivity on social media. It comes with features like social media scheduling, all-in-one dashboards to keep track of all the activities and social inbox to manage social media streams.

Sendible packages include Micro ($29/month), Small ($99/month), Medium ($199/month) and Large ($299/month).

  1. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a full-scale marketing calendar designed to help small businesses, solopreneurs and agencies to control their entire marketing plan – at one place. It facilitates team collaboration, social media management, workflow control and in-depth integration with the world’s leading social media platforms.

CoSchedule pricing varies for individual, businesses, and agencies. It offers Growth, Professional and Enterprise plans at $60/month, $300/month and $1200/month respectively.

  1. HeyOrca

HeyOrca is a powerful social scheduling tool designed for marketing agencies. It brings all the moving pieces together, in a unified social media dashboard, to help you streamline and ramp up your campaigns faster with instant content reviews, client collaboration, and performance metrics.

HeyOrca offers pricing plans for agencies based on the number of clients.

  1. SalesForce Social Studio

SalesForce is a renowned cloud-based customer management and marketing solution provider. The SalesForce Social Studio is designed to unite marketing and sales across different social media channels. It allows content, as well as, interaction management to monitor brand mentions, analyze fan/follower behavior and provide customer service through social media.

SalesForce offers various marketing plans for businesses, big and small.

  1. MavSocial

MavSocial is an affordable social media management solution for marketers. In addition to content curation and scheduling, MavSocial allows marketers to design their own visuals with free stock images, AI image recognition technology powered by Miro and instant image editing with the built-in photo editor.

MavSocial Individual is the FREE plan for marketers. The paid options include Advanced ($16/month), Pro ($65/month), Business ($166/month) and Enterprise ($416/month).

  1. is a social media management tool + with personalized options to schedule, curate and monitor content across social media platforms. It also lets you see interactions such as likes, comments, and direct messages in real time. is FREE!

  1. RebelMouse

RebelMouse is a creative marketing agency with a lot of tools to manage and organize digital media and social platforms. The CMS features options like social UX for media, social sharing, content curation, and performance management, A/B testing tools and more.

RebelMouse offers customized pricing plans.

Let me know which of these tools you have used or like the most. Or if there are any tools that I need to check out. I’ll be happy to add more to the list.

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